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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Going Ostrich....

Like most parents, we have created our own little village to raise our babies. They have become the family we chose and like any family, we have our own little saying and jokes that we use along the way.

At some point, "going ostrich" became part of our language and it's a favorite of this momma's. I use it a lot. No, I mean, like, a lot! Sometimes I forget and use it around people that have no idea what I'm talking about, and then I have to explain.

Like ostriches, this momma hides her head in the sand when there is something that she isn't ready for, or doesn't want to face. That way, momma can enjoy the moment, until it's time to deal.

I talk about going ostrich all the time. Case in point, Lorelei starting Kindergarten in September. Momma is ALL ostrich baby. Sure I poke my head out from time to time, like when I need to fill out paperwork, or bring her to an orientation. I embrace that moment, feel what comes with it, acknowledge that it's happening, all that jazz. However, once the required steps are over, back into the sand goes the head, enjoying the moment, not dwelling on what is to come, but rather soaking in what is right there and now. 

Going ostrich is not denial. I know that there is a world outside my sand pile, with things to be done, sitting on the horizon. However, there is a lot of good going on in my sand pile. There is laughter, and kids, and memories to be made. Many many memories to be made in the sand pile, long before anything outside of it needs my attention. 

Sometimes, this momma goes ostrich for silly things, like not wanting to face the end of summer, or deal with the laundry. However, there have been times when momma has gone ostrich over bigger things.

Things like, having a Dr confirm a diagnosis for Tourettes, and several learning disabilities, for your oldest, while your youngest week old baby is discovered to have been born thyroid free. Working through the blood tests on a new infant, while your son is working through his school days looking like he's having seizures, is a bit of a hill.
Then take that new baby to her paediatrician appointment with your four year old son and have the ped stop the exam, look over at your son and say, "Does he often line things up like that?" True story!


Not forever, just a few minutes of sitting in the sand re-grouping, catching your breath and then back at the amazing wonderful that is this roller coaster. This ostrich time, it's a good thing. Just make sure you've always got a good friend in the sidelines willing to pull your head out of the sand if you try to stay too long.

Somedays ostrich time is just pure magic. A few weeks ago, after Lorelei's practice Kindergarten day, we went out for an early birthday dinner. On the way home, the sun was shining, the night was young and the laundry was waiting at home to suck me back in. I was thinking about our youngest starting school and I looked over at my hubby and said, "Beach?"

One word and he knew it was time to break out the emergency beach kit from the back of the car. We needed a sunny sunset, sand, and bubbles more than we needed folded socks.
Emergency beach kit- every car needs one. Kites, shovels, pails, bubbles, and a frisbee or ball or two. You never know when you are going to have a beach emergency.

Bubbles are magic. They make the world a happier place. Try it. Next time you are out somewhere, start blowing bubbles and look around. It's not just the kids that break into a giant grin at the sight of them. Bubbles in my car, always mean I have a fast track to a little ostrich time when it all gets too much.

There's magic in realizing that a setting sun makes for the best warrior/combat poses. The giggles that come from this game makes momma's heart float. See, there's good in the sand.

Sometimes, in the middle of the ostrich time, I poke my head out for a minute to recognize that Caylen's feet are no longer tiny. Grateful that he is growing strong I push away that wistful feeling of "he was just a tiny baby yesterday" and instead grab a firm hold on, "I'm so glad I get to watch him grow."

There is magic in the mixing of water and sand. Really, how can laundry compete with this?

Tomorrow, there will be time to think about what is to come, but for today, watching them play tickle tackle frisbee is all that matters.

How do you go ostrich?


  1. I love this. Right now it's reversed here... Hubby and kids trying to keep it together knowing mama's going to be in the hospital a few days then in bed a few I will probably spend too much money on amazon buying things to keep them distracted. Well take them to the fireworks the night before my surgery so they'll be sleeping in with happy thoughts while it happens.... I suppose we put on a happy face and know that happiness will follow! Thanks for the beautiful post!

  2. Ooo that is stressful, knowing mama is going to be out of commission for a little while. I totally get that stress. Here's hoping it all runs smoothly. If nothing else, you'll have the whole internet to entertain you while you are done. I can hardly wait for all the IG shots of your toes. Hope it's nothing serious. Keep this momma posted.

  3. I go ostrich by getting into my sweet, li'l yellow car and driving. Sometimes solo, sometimes with J. and the zilla. Regardless, it is my favorite form of escapism. :)

    superkarynfragilistic (of the IG variety)

    1. Karyn I love that. I bet you spin some wicked tunes in that little yellow car.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks beautiful girl. Love you.
      Momma Lisa

  5. love pictures mom

  6. Your beach looks amazing! I go ostrich by myself on my horse and with the kids to the pool. Hubby goes to the creek with the boys and I usually ride down after them on a horse. Who cares about the washing and all the chores....they will still be there tomorrow and our kids/family are not going to remember us doing the washing, they will remember the fun they had at the beach or the creek or the happy mumma who comes home after a ride. Great post :-)

    1. Jenni I would totally go ostrich on a horse with you. Glad you have your outlet to regroup and recharge.

  7. I need to move to Canada. Yesterday.

    1. Canada would love that, but more importantly, I would too. Mwah sunshine.

  8. First off, you know I LOVE this post because it includes ostriches in the title.

    Secondly, your pearls of wisdom throughout it seem to be just what I needed to hear today.

    Thanks for that, friend. ;-)

    1. Thanks Sunday. I knew when I saw that first ostrich photo in my feed from you, that you were a ball of awesome. You have given me a lot of laughs already and some perspective- so thank you!


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