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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just be......

A quick post tonight. My wish list for the people that I love....

Go with love more, stop worrying about all the little things that you think are so big.
You have today, stop wasting your life in judgement, in the past, in worrying about the future.
You have today, live it.
When a child comes to you to play and you say yes, you are living today.
Laugh more.
Talk more about beauty and less about politics.
Stop judging what you think is wrong with the world, with today’s society and start learning to find the beauty in it, because you are not going to change people and you live your life in today so ride the wave.
For the love of all things holy, just be, for God’s sake.
If there is one thing I have been blessed to learn in my short life to date, it is that there is little that we can control and the more you try to steer life and hold on with a death grip, the more real living slips away.
Don’t spend time worrying on that which you can not change, it ages you and makes you ugly.
Spend time loving the people you love, knowing them, connecting with them.
Don’t waste time talking about the trivial things, about the negative. Spend time sharing what you find beautiful in this world, what you remember fondly.
This is my wish- do it now.
Live, let live and love.


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