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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summertime, and the living is easy

Summer is good here. Summer means that Daddy is home for the most part and that the kids are all home.
It means sleeping in. It means no more IEP meetings or battles with the school about this and that.
It means that we can drop anything and run away for a couple of days to wherever, (usually a local campsite) and make sure that the rest of the world can not find us.

However, as in all good things, summer does come to an end. So I sit here typing, realizing that I don't have a giant e-brake for the calendar and like it or not, Tuesday is right around the corner and with it, the first day of school.

So, in my Molly Sunshine way, I am going to find pluses and bright spots to talk about.

Our first spawn starts middle school this year. A whole new adventure, maturity, growing freedom (but not too much) and little things outside my comfort zone like warnings from leadership kids on how to avoid the drug dealers at the school. Fun!

Our middle dude, starts his last year of primary grades. He is on top of the little kids and absolutely clueless as to what, if anything that actually means.

Our youngest, it's her last year "at home". She gets registered to start kindergarten for the following fall and is stuck spending the year with a momma who will try to suck the marrow out of every last second of this precious last year at home with a little person.

Daddy, starts back at work full time and is stoked to start building sets for the upcoming show, and I try to remind myself that I get to start doing props for our local production.

The cool days, mean dinner in the crockpot, warm hats, the glow of warmth that is a housefull of friends over for dinner.
It means we draw nearer to those family celebrations, laughter and music. It means movie nights and making the most out of Friday night to Sunday evening.
It means that we actually have to pay attention to what day of the week it is, what the date is, what month it is, even what time it is.

The end of summer is saying goodbye to hot nights and beach days but hello to pouring over and editing the photos of all our adventures.

So like each year, I march into it. Unwillingly? Yeah a little, but excited because it starts a new chapter here at camp bliss, and new chapters are all about adventure.

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