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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why don't the floors stay clean?

It's strange but true, the floors just don't care that I have living to do.

Unfortunately, I am a true Gemini and suffer from the two minds problem. Type A me says, "Get on your knees and scrub that floor soldier."

Meanwhile, Type B me says, "Dude, seriously, it's just going to get shed on five minutes later by the dog. Also, do you see the toddler eating yogurt? Do you think that will end well? How about those kids in the backyard that can not remember for the life of them, to come through the garage and take off their shoes in the laundry room? Let it go, put on a pair of Fairy wings and a tiara and join the tea party that is currently taking place in your daughters room."

Let's be real, Type B is way more fun and usually wins the argument. If only Type A wasn't such a bossy cow.

That said, I have tried little things here and there to take control, to keep my house in that dull roar state of clean. That state that is so precarious, that at any moment it could all give way, fall to pieces and chaos would reign supreme.

In the end, I realize that old adage is true, "Good mothers have, sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids."

Which is not to say that those that can stay on top of the house are any less of maternally gifted. Rather, I think it is one of those, don't forget, those of us that lack the organizational skills to keep it all together are kick ass mommas and love our kids to the end of the earth too.

It's one of those sayings that is all about, "We women can do it all and have it all and bake a cake like Martha Stewart too." but it's okay not to be Superwoman. In the end, it's better for our kids to know that we aren't Superwoman, because it's too high a standard for us to live up to, and it's too high a standard for our kids to think that they have to live up to.

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